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Friday, Feb. 15
9:00am – Poetry on the Pole with Natasha Wang
10:45am – Flexy Fluid Spin with Carly Child
12:30pm – Evocative with Carmine Black
2:15pm – Badass Exotic with Jazzy K

Saturday, Feb. 16
9:00am – Power Pole with Evgeny Greshilov
10:45am – Pole Choreography with Evgeny Greshilov
12:30pm – Russian Exotic 2 with Kira Noire
2:15pm – Choreography 1 with Fontaine Bradbury

Sunday, Feb 17
9:00am – Faux Flares and Flips with Carly Child
10:35am – Drop Shop with Charlee Shae
12:15pm – Pole Like a Stripper with Doris Arnold
1:50pm – Exotic Swag with Carmine Black
3:25pm – Flip-ography with Bethany Finlay
4:10pm – Crazy Russian Pole with Kira Noire
5:50pm – Aussie Pole Vixen with Jedda Jordan
7:25pm – Choreography 2 with Fontaine Bradbury

Monday, Feb 18
9:00am – Fonji Play with Charlee Shae
10:45am – Trick Like This with Jazzy K
12:30pm – Pole-nastics with Bethany Finlay
2:15pm – Acrobatic Sexy Pole with Doris Arnold
3:55pm – Chair Trixster with Jedda Jordan